Diabetic Exercises To Lower Blood Sugar

Use Diabetic Exercises to lower blood sugar levels which are critical for people with diabetes. As a person with diabetes, know how to control blood sugar levels by eating healthy foods. But what types of diabetic exercise are suitable for a person with diabetes regardless of age?

Therefore, in my research to answer the question, there are numerous exercises to choose from especially as we start aging. But diabetic exercise comes in many forms that appeal to non-diabetics as well and exercise in general is beneficial for improving health for everyone.

Here are Diabetic Exercises to Lower Blood Sugar Levels:

However, diabetic exercises will depend on the individual and mobility. For example, the different activities we can implement, such as:

  • Yoga.yoga-diabetic exercise
  • Walking.
  • Riding a bike or three-wheeler for better balance.
  • Using a stationary bike on the patio or in the home.
  • Some types of Aerobics, including dancing.
  • Also, Resistance band exercises.
  • Weightlifting.
  • Calisthenics.

What training should people with diabetes avoid?

Again, it will depend on your age, health, and mobility since running and jumping is a high-impact exercises, especially for people with neuropathy.

These are Diabetic Exercises to Lower Blood Sugar Levels faster for people with diabetes?

These are just a few suggestions:dancing-exerciseriding bike

  • Walking outdoors orswimming-diabetic exercise indoors track.
  • Try several dance classes.
  • Ride a Bicycle outdoors.
  • Or try a stationary bike.
  • Swimming.
  • Include water aerobics.
  • Stretching exercises.
  • Take Tai Chi and yoga.
  • Like Playing tennis.
  • Take an Aerobics fitness class.

In the world we live in today, find a safe place to do your exercise due to the violence. Places years ago that were safe or no longer the case today.

Every day, someone becomes a victim of a gun shooting. I used to walk in the local mall in a group for exercise, but it is no longer a safe place to do so. I now take labs around the yard, which is safer for me.

How much exercise for someone with diabetes?

Someone with diabetes should exercise regularly and should last about 10 min and build up to 30 minutes or more. Daily physical activity has benefits because it improves blood sugar and blood pressure.

Most importantly, moderate-intensity exercise reduces heart disease and premature death compared to inactive. Further, we need to get the blood circulating through our bodies.

What is the best type of exercise for insulin resistance?

Any training is excellent for people with diabetes and can make your insulin perform better. Try combining your physical exercise with aerobic activitiesIncluding the treadmill, walking or brisk walking, swimming, and riding a bike. Weightlifting training and resistance training have the best result for diabetics.

Are there risks of diabetic exercises?

Any exercise program or routine includes some risks. It can cause damage to soft tissues, joint pain, and cardiovascular occurrences. Most people with diabetes suffer from foot joint pain.

Can a diabetic exercise too much?

In fact, our muscles use more glucose when we exercise too much. Exercising does help lower your blood sugar levels. However, intense exercise temporarily raises your blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Therefore, exercising too hard makes it harder for muscle cells to use insulin. Keep your diabetic exercise in balance.

Another question is, should people with diabetes exercise after eating a meal?

The answer is exercising after a meal will reduce blood sugar levels, lowering the risk of heart disease and diabetes complications. Warning! Don’t exercise before going to bed because the glucose can drop too low and become a dangerous situation for you. I did it once, and my blood sugar dropped to 40.

Walking can lower blood sugar.

Walking 10 minutes a day can benefit people living with diabetes and can reduce blood glucose by 22 percent. And 30 minutes can reduce it by 25 percent. Also, 45 minutes is practical, especially after eating a meal at a moderate pace.

What is the average blood sugar level after a diabetic exercising?

Generally, between 100 mg/dl and 250 mg/dl. However, below 100, you need to get a snack. The best time for diabetic exercise is one to three hours after eating a meal, only when you are above 100mg/dl.

Also, if you use insulin injections, check your blood sugar, which is usually higher after a meal. But, walking is only one way to lower blood sugar levels. It will all depend on age and mobility, and you can still do some diabetic exercise that is comfortable for you.

Concern about the normal blood sugar level?

Here are some average Blood Glucose Levels (mg/dl) by age is:

  • Moderate -0 to 5 years=100 to 180
  • Then-6 to 9 years=80 to 140
  • Next-10 years and more=170 to 120
Can diabetic exercise cure diabetes by walking? walking-diabetic exercise

Like many other diseases, people with diabetes know there is no cure for diabetes. But can be managed through medications, diet, and exercise. Walking can bring down blood sugar levels and reduce insulin resistance. Exercising in the morning before breakfast will start to get your engine going by burning calories and strengthening the heart. If you are obese, losing weight will also lower blood sugar levels.

What drinks can you have after diabetics exercise to lower blood sugar levels or during the exercise?

You can drink the following drinks unsweeten:ice tea-drink

What diabetic exercises to lower blood sugar burn the most calories?
  • Walking. 10-30 minutes a day. Strengthen the heart and muscles and lowers blood sugar.
  • Dancing. 25 minutes 3 days a week. It helps your heart, lower blood glucose levels, relieves stress, and burns calories.
  • Swimming. Aerobic exercise is accessible to the joints and works muscles in the upper and lower parts of the body. It helps the heart, lowers cholesterol, and burns calories too.
  • Bike. Riding a bike physically and stationary for 30 minutes at least 3-5 times a week. Getting the heart rate up burns blood sugar while losing weight simultaneously. It is easier on the knees and other joints of our body.
  • Climb Stairs. Climb stairs only if you can, and it gets your heart and lungs working faster and better results. Up and down stairs three times a week, after a meal, is an easy way to burn off blood sugar.
  • Strength Training. Free weights or resistance bands can lower blood sugar and help your muscles and bones get a little stronger. You can use these items at home:gardening- exercise
  • Use canned foods or bottled water.
  • Try some push-ups.
  • Sit-ups.
  • Squats.
  • Lunges.
  • Gardening. Planting a garden is strength and aerobic training. It builds muscles and bone; lifting, walking, kneeling, and digging are enjoyable and still considered exercises.
  • Yoga. It is a low-impact exercise that makes you more robust and flexible and helps with balance. Yet, the poses, breathing, motions, and focus can ease your stress levels. Also, it can keep the blood sugar more stable.

Tai Chi uses slow and controlled movements. Using visualization and deep breathing techniques helps build strength. It helps with mobility, flexibility, and balance and lowers stress. Also, it prevents nerve damage in your feet!


In conclusion, Diabetic Exercises to Lower Blood Suger come in many different types. However, choosing the proper exercise will depend on a person’s age and circumstances. Since there are so many to select from, pick the one that best fits you and slowly build your endurance. Some exercise plans have less impact on soft tissue damage and joint pain.

However, the good news is physical activities can improve blood circulation and prevent the risk of heart disease. Also, it can improve lung functions, joint pain, and flexibility. Most importantly, it will significantly lower your blood sugar levels, which is a win-win situation for people with diabetes.

Therefore, I hope this information brought you some benefits on how to improve your health through simple exercise methods and lower your diabetes glucose levels. As always, I wish everyone the best in dealing with diabetes.

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