Does weed Affect Diabetes?

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Does weed Affect Diabetes? Also referred to as marijuana and cannabis depending on the person’s use of terms. However, not all doctors agree on whether weed and several studies can be of any lasting benefit for people living with Diabetes. Likewise, some weed plants can have minor improvements, but not clear if it has endless benefits for the condition. Patients living with Diabetes are searching for long-lasting effects and remedies. For a situation that requires management regardless of the FDA’s sponsorship!

Weed is also called pot, grass, ganja, cannabis, and marijuana. However, back in the “60s-70s’ it was described as Mary jane, at least by my family members. Likewise, they didn’t take it for medical use because it was illegal and rebelled against the Law. However, family members consumed it and slept and awakened, complaining of hunger. Presently, it’s only legal for medical purposes in 29 states. The claim is it can treat type 2 diabetes but does not affect type 1 diabetes. The Food and Drug Administration had not approved it as a standard of care for Diabetes by using the weed.

Does Medical Marijuana, Help Type 2 Diabetes?

Reports have stated weed or marijuana can have the following benefits for people with Diabetes:

  • anti-inflammatory action may help with some arterial inflammation that affects most in Diabetes.
  • stabilizing blood sugars
  • Neuroprotective effects help inflamed nerves by reducing the pain of neuropathy. It’s by activating receptors in the brain and body.
  • Help relieve muscle cramps and the pain of gastrointestinal (GI) disorders by using anti-spasmodic agents.
  • It acts as a vasodilator to help keep blood vessels open.
  • And Improved circulation contributes to lower blood pressure over time which is essential for people with Diabetes.
  •  Marijuana compounds can help to control glucose.cannabis: oils
  • Cannabis users were less likely to be obese/obese.
  • Does lower body mass index (BMI) measurements — though they appear to eat more calories than the non-users.
  • Weed smokers appeared to have higher levels of good cholesterol and slimmer waistlines.
  • They make topical creams to relieve neuropathic pain and tingling with weed in the hands and feet.
  • You can make cannabis butter and oil and put it in foods that would benefit cardiac and arterial health.
  • It also helps calm down diabetic restless leg syndrome (RLS), so the diabetic patient can sleep better: it’s critical for any patient dealing with the disease.
  • Use it in a vaporizer or smoked cannabis to assist in failing sleep.

Consequently, Critical Findings and Reports

The most critical finding of users of marijuana appeared to have better carbohydrate metabolism than non-users. The fasting insulin levels were lower and appeared to be less resistant to the insulin produced by the body. In short, to maintain an average blood sugar level.

Reports indicate weeds affect Diabetes by lowering blood sugar levels and reducing A1C over time. The existing scientific evidence shows weed can improve insulin resistance — helpful for people with type 2 diabetes, but not for type 1 diabetics.

However, evidence shows that weed effectively treats conditions such as chronic pain, sleep disorders, and eye disorders, including other ailments often associated with Diabetes and old age. Therefore, if you live with complications related to Diabetes, marijuana may ease your pain or slow the progression of the disease.

Can cannabis help with mental health?

Mental health is another area of concern, and cannabis has effectively treated everything from clinical depression to post-traumatic stress disorder. In February 2015, marijuana use in animals helped restore endocannabinoids’ brain levels. Further, it affects emotion and behavior. Secondly, reducing pain, anxiety levels, and having feelings of wellness. Some people with depression will not do well on cannabis. To clarify, weed can increase feelings of anxiety and paranoia in some people.

Risk of using Weed with Diabetes:

The most significant risk of weed use with Diabetics is hypoglycemia. There are a lot of concerns that PWDs’ glucose levels will drop and go unnoticed by the patient until they are in dangerous territory.

So, in other words: marijuana may help you reduce blood glucose levels and feel better. You may feel more relaxed and pain-free, but you must also be careful because more research is required. Weed improves symptoms associated with HIV, multiple sclerosis, chronic pain, and mental disorders.

Can Weed Help Prevent Diabetes?

Researcher indicates using marijuana to treat or prevent Diabetes inconclusive? Studies suggest you shouldn’t light up a weed. Most importantly, the marijuana plant contains chemicals called cannabinoids. It has many effects, including increased appetite, diminished pain, and inflammation.

Some preliminary research suggests medical marijuana may improve glucose levels and insulin resistance. Doctors aren’t quick to recommend marijuana for diabetes prevention without further investigation.

Some observational studies offer clues about how weed affects Diabetes. A survey of 600 adult men and women. Who was presently using marijuana, and another 2,000 people had used it in the past?

After fasting overnight, the participants had their blood drawn and processed for other possible health factors. They checked for blood pressure, body mass index, and waist size. Compared to individuals who participated in the study who never used marijuana. The following results were:

  • Participants currently used had 16 and 17 percent lower fasting insulin levels and measures of insulin resistance, respectively.
  • They also had a waistline.
  • Cannabinoid receptors in the body might help improve insulin sensitivity. pot: in foods
  •  Individuals who use cannabis eat more calories on average and paradoxically tend to have lower BMIs.
  • Weed use on obese mice; the rodents slimmed down and had better functioning beta cells, producing insulin.
  •  Marijuana also influences a protein called adiponectin, which improves insulin sensitivity.
  • United States adult population drew an association between the use of weed having a 58 percent reduced risk of developing diabetes mellitus and those who (the term includes both type 1 and 2) compared with those who don’t use it.
  • He theorized that the anti-inflammatory properties of cannabinoids may have led to improved health outcomes in participants.
  • How can weed Affect Diabetes? It can affect in a positive way.

Can Weed Control Diabetes Sugar levels?

Studies that investigated the possible use of marijuana as a diabetes prevention tool have not agreed on its use. On the other hand, one study suggests that weed or cannabis may help relieve diabetes symptoms. I guess you would have to make that decision after careful research. Below is a small list of some results:

  • Researchers found patients who suffer from diabetic neuropathy, the nerve pain damaged by chronic high blood sugar, could lessen their painful condition by inhaling the weed.
  • Cannabinoid receptors of the nervous systems go across the spinal cord; remarkably, the brain appears to work on multiple planes. Enable to resolve or bring some relief from the pain and decrease the receptors. It is accomplished by reducing the transmission of pain signals from the brain and reducing the discomfort down the spinal cord.


In conclusion, how can weed Affect Diabetes? Most studies are observational and randomized. The controls are small, and the results of weed on Diabetes are inconclusive. However, studies indicate minor improvement in blood sugar levels and bringing down A1C. There aren’t enough studies to confirm the medical benefits to people living with Diabetes. Including all the complications associated with the disease.marijuana: oils for teas

Therefore, how can weed Affect Diabetes? The answer is inconclusive. However, only 29 states have legalized medical marijuana in different medical cases. As a result, evidence proves weed does have some benefits. More research has to be done to know for sure!

Talk with your doctor concerning the pros and cons of using weed. I have family members who take it; not all have Diabetes; others have MS, Fibromyalgia, and Cancer. It is a personal decision to use weed for Diabetes treatment. I will always highlight some words with links to products that might help!

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