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Welcome to my Diabetic Health Website. This site aims to learn how to control your blood sugar levels and stay healthy. I have Diabetes, along with thousands of other individuals Worldwide. I struggle with managing it and keeping my A1C under control, and I realize others have the same problem.

How does a person with diabetes control their blood sugar levels safely? I haven’t found one solid case where people are on the same page about dealing with it. Many have advice, opinions, and suggestion on eating healthy, what to eat and what not to eat.

Blood Sugar Levels and Diabetes.

After fussing with each other, “How do we deal with this disease, Diabetes?” How do we control our blood sugar levels safely? Do we have to go on a starvation diet and take our medications? Who wants to be hungry all the time? Not me! Who has the answer to our question so that we can live healthier and longer?

I found through delegate research some exciting facts about Diabetes. Diabetes and prediabetes are known as high blood sugar and hyperglycemia. Prediabetes is when the blood sugar levels are high but not necessarily high enough to be considered diabetes classification. Our body can usually manage our blood sugar by producing enough insulin, a hormone that allows our cells to use and circulate the sugar in our bloodstream. Insulin is the most crucial hormone regulator of our blood sugar and keeps its level.

The internal causes are multiple factors that cause high blood sugar and impair its management, which leads to hyperglycemia in our liver. When our liver produces too much glucose, our body makes too little insulin or can’t use the insulin effectively. We also referred to it as insulin resistance. Other factors include our dietary choices, certain medications, stress, and a sedentary lifestyle.

What do we do to control our blood sugar levels?

There are multiple ways to manage your blood sugar levels naturally. Many include making lifestyle changes, like working your weight, stress levels, sleep quality, exercising, and staying hydrated. Some of the most significant improvements have to do with your dietary choices. These are the facts for people living with Diabetes and our portion sizes. Don’t overeat; I adapted six small snacks throughout the day and didn’t eat before bedtime. I stop eating at 8:00 p.m. and limit my water intake because I don’t be up all night running to the bathroom. Diabetes management is by making the necessary changes to control our blood sugar levels, but there is no cure for Diabetes!

My Goal Is To Help People Learn to Control Blood Sugar Levels with Diabetes!

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I Learned how our body breaks down the carbs we eat into glucose, raising our blood sugar levels, and learning to reduce carb intake can aid blood sugar regulation.

Nevertheless, eating plenty of fiber can aid blood sugar management and learning what they are. The importance of hydrated can reduce high blood sugar levels. Learning to choose water and zero-calorie drinks (pop or sodas). Focusing on our portion sizes can help manage blood sugar levels.

Furthermore, adding protein or healthy fats helps minimize blood sugar spikes after a meal. This knowledge is valuable, and the desire to help others learn what I learned to control blood sugar levels is essential to a healthier and better life!

My goal is also to inform and educate based on facts:

These are essential facts that can help people living with Diabetes. I made small changes, adapted, and changed my bad habits into better choices. Also, due to the changes, I lost 60 lbs without effort or on a diet! I researched, applied, and made minor changes, and now my blood sugar level is staying around 104 from 286. However, if there are products that may help control blood sugar levels, I will also include them in all my posts in links that you can quickly access!

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